Social Media Matters – but how much?

Social media seems to be taking over our lives. We spend countless hours each month reading it, creating it, sharing it, configuring it and, for small business owners, trying to capitalize on it! So, here are a few quick tips on how to use social media as a small business owner…

Use the expertise you have…

Chances are, you have a social media guru within your everyday business circles. Seek out the employee who not only knows the name of all the social media platforms but also how to generate interest in content.  Recruit them and put their talents to good use. Chances are, they will jump at the chance to manage your social media campaign.  Are you a one person office? Seek out a family member or maybe a local college intern.

Monitor the conversations…

You have to know what people are saying and when they are saying it these days. A negative comment on a popular social media or opinion site could lead to a slowdown in sales, or worse! You may not be able to monitor everything yourself so use online tools like Google Alerts ( or enlist an army of friends who can’t seem to put down their mobile devices…ever!

Concentrate on relevancy…

Write about things that are related to your business and use descriptive phrases that your target market might search for.  Don’t try to be on all the social media platforms and don’t go crazy with #hashtags. Keep it simple and to the point and keep up with where your clients hang-out on line so you can be there instead of talking to silence on the wrong platform.

Sell, sell, sell… NOT!

Be relevant, timely and interesting. Don’t be a salesperson. People like to be informed and entertained in social media land. Try to sell to them constantly and you will find yourself un-friended, un-followed, and generally disliked.

In general, have a strategy that is not too complex. Be relevant when creating content. And, be consistent in your content creation. If you use social media properly as part of your overall marketing plan, it can be a powerful tool for your business.

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