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Time to cash in on your hard work? – Sell your business!

The past three years have shown a steady increase in the sales volume of small businesses across the United States. The business brokerage firm, BizBuySell recently published sales trend data on small business buy/sell transactions and the numbers point to

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Before you let that domain name expire, better check it’s value!

Clients have come in with website issues varying from content creation to technical difficulties to general design. In some cases, clients have accumulated so much web “property,” it’s hard to figure out how everything fits together. Web domains for example,

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And the answer is… NO! Reasons for business loan denials.

Bank money is the easiest, cheapest money to get for most small business owners. How easy or how cheap are relative terms however, and you may not be having such a great time tracking down funding for your small business,

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Is your small business circling the drain?

Small Business Health Tips

There are a lot of reasons why small businesses fail. Mismanagement, lack of positive cash-flow, poor hiring decisions, regulatory constraints, no long-term planning, under-capitalization and the list goes on. So what do you do if you see the downward spiral

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Crowdfunding is growing… Up!

Until recently, crowdfunding has been limited to what amounts to “charitable giving” via online platforms. You may have heard of Kickstarter who is currently one of the largest online platforms in the crowdfunding arena. When they arrived on the scene,

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Got health insurance? Your employees might stick around if you do.

happy employees

Health insurance is a major concern for employers and employees alike. Whether you agree with the politics surrounding the current system or not, healthcare ranks highly with 88% of the workforce so you need to take heed if you plan

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Solutions for Entrepreneurial Writer’s Block

You need to keep your website fresh if you are going to have any chance of showing up on Google’s radar. You know this and you are willing to participate but as soon as your hands hit the keyboard, writer’s

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