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5% rise above the competition: Implement your strategy

Only 5% of companies execute their strategies. – Doug Dvorak You ponder, plan, create action lists and strategies for hours. You can probably point to at least one strategic plan created for sales, operations, growth, expansion, start-up, a new product

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Dollars & Digits: R2-D2 is your new financial advisor

As a small business owner, you keep an eye on every penny that comes and goes through your business.  You probably keep an especially close eye on the money you put into retirement.  So how do you feel about machines

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By the Numbers: 60% – Retail Security Breaches

It is happening every day. Somebody is getting hacked. Some company is falling victim to high-tech attacks on their beefed up security surrounding their credit card and customer data. That may be what you hear or maybe this is what

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