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And the answer is… NO! Reasons for business loan denials.

Bank money is the easiest, cheapest money to get for most small business owners. How easy or how cheap are relative terms however, and you may not be having such a great time tracking down funding for your small business,

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Crowdfunding is growing… Up!

Until recently, crowdfunding has been limited to what amounts to “charitable giving” via online platforms. You may have heard of Kickstarter who is currently one of the largest online platforms in the crowdfunding arena. When they arrived on the scene,

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How to Manage Small Business Finances

Cash is king, cash-flow kills and accounting is a daunting task.  All of these statements are true and all of them are popular among many small business owners. So it is a good idea to focus on what is truly

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Own a Business? Be Prepared – Monitor Your Credit

Your personal credit score can be very important when seeking employment, obtaining some types of insurance and getting a business loan. Whether you are starting a new business or looking to expand a business, chances are you will need to obtain

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Small business loan frustrations? Have you been to SBDC?

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, estimates it takes up to 26 hours for a small business owner to research, prepare and apply for a small business loan.  It is estimated that 72 percent of these small business owners

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Looking for a small business loan? Check your credit first!

Credit Score Research If you are in business or soon to be starting one, credit will be a very important asset.  You must protect your personal credit score at all times.  We recommend checking your credit report quarterly.  If you

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