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And the answer is… NO! Reasons for business loan denials.

Bank money is the easiest, cheapest money to get for most small business owners. How easy or how cheap are relative terms however, and you may not be having such a great time tracking down funding for your small business,

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Excellent customer service is easy, learn from the best.

Many clients start businesses with the idea that they are going to stand out from the crowd because they are going to offer, “excellent customer service.” However, when you ask them to define what that means, many of them cannot.

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You need more than your IQ to be a successful leader

So, you go out and earn your MBA and a license to practice your craft.  You keep up on your skills through specialized training and industry conferences. Certifications for various aspects of your trade fill your office wall. However, there is one category of knowledge that

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Do social media smarter

At the Small Business Right office, we are always talking to clients about how to better market their product or service.  Many folks don’t realize the Small Business Right coaches actually help businesses grow. We do more than just work

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Columbia Start Up Weekend a Big Success

The Small Business Right team participated with nine different teams at the recent Start-Up Weekend event held at IT-ology in downtown Columbia.  Teams competed for bragging rights and received unmatched experience in their quest to take an idea from a

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