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Before you let that domain name expire, better check it’s value!

Clients have come in with website issues varying from content creation to technical difficulties to general design. In some cases, clients have accumulated so much web “property,” it’s hard to figure out how everything fits together. Web domains for example,

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By the Numbers: 60% – Retail Security Breaches

It is happening every day. Somebody is getting hacked. Some company is falling victim to high-tech attacks on their beefed up security surrounding their credit card and customer data. That may be what you hear or maybe this is what

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Are you sure you want to patent that idea?

As a business coach, we get asked pretty regularly about protecting ideas and what processes and costs are associated with doing so. While patenting can be a complex process, there are a few issues one should consider before moving in

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Social Media Matters – but how much?

Social media seems to be taking over our lives. We spend countless hours each month reading it, creating it, sharing it, configuring it and, for small business owners, trying to capitalize on it! So, here are a few quick tips

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