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Cash flow problems? 5 ways to improve your small business cash flow…

Increasing revenues and profits are great ideas but improving cash flow makes it easier to sleep at night. (If you thought all of these (revenue, profit, cash flow) were the same, we need to talk!) Here are a few quick

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Entrepreneurs want to retire too!

When you are starting a business, you may have visions of retiring early or building a nest-egg to live a fancy-free retirement sometime in the future.  However, most business owners find out early on that putting away cash for retirement

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And the answer is… NO! Reasons for business loan denials.

Bank money is the easiest, cheapest money to get for most small business owners. How easy or how cheap are relative terms however, and you may not be having such a great time tracking down funding for your small business,

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Is your small business circling the drain?

Small Business Health Tips

There are a lot of reasons why small businesses fail. Mismanagement, lack of positive cash-flow, poor hiring decisions, regulatory constraints, no long-term planning, under-capitalization and the list goes on. So what do you do if you see the downward spiral

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Small business survival is numbers game

Small businesses that survive know the numbers of their business. The number of potential clients, the number of products in inventory, and the number of prospects it takes to land a sale are all examples of the many different quantifiable

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